Zoom Adds OpenAI Tech to Help Users Catch Up in Meetings

Zoom has incorporated OpenAI’s technology into its Zoom IQ smart companion to enhance users’ video conferencing experience. The updated Zoom IQ can now help users catch up if they join a meeting late or need to step away. For instance, if a team member arrives late, Zoom IQ can provide a real-time summary of the meeting and allow them to ask questions. Additionally, Zoom IQ can create a whiteboard session for a meeting based on text prompts, and after the meeting, it can provide a summary and even suggest action items for the team owner to take.

Moreover, Zoom IQ can help users catch up on important, time-sensitive projects by summarizing long chat threads in real-time, making it easier for them to get the gist of the conversation. The chat compose feature can also suggest responses or rephrase messages for users who need help finding the right words.

Overall, Zoom’s implementation of AI technology is a great example of how AI can improve the usability of video conferencing platforms and address common pain points in the workplace. By integrating OpenAI’s technology into Zoom IQ, the company is able to provide a smarter, more intuitive video conferencing experience that can help users better collaborate with their team members.