The Trade Desk Pioneers Audio Out-of-Home Advertising with Vistar Media Integration

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, staying at the forefront of emerging channels and technologies is paramount. In this regard, The Trade Desk, a leading omnichannel Demand-Side Platform (DSP), has taken a significant step forward by becoming the first DSP to offer omnichannel programmatic access to an emerging audio in-store channel. This pioneering move comes as a result of The Trade Desk’s integration with Vistar Media, a prominent digital out-of-home technology provider. The focus of this integration is to enable programmatic access to audio out-of-home (OOH) inventory, marking a significant milestone in the advertising industry’s journey toward seamlessly integrating audio OOH into their omnichannel campaigns.

Vistar Media’s OpenRTB Integrations: Unlocking Audio OOH Potential

Vistar Media, a renowned player in digital out-of-home technology, has announced a groundbreaking extension of its OpenRTB integrations. This extension includes the incorporation of programmatic access to audio OOH inventory, a move that is set to reshape the way advertisers and agencies connect with their audiences. This development underscores the dynamic nature of the advertising industry, which constantly seeks new avenues to engage consumers effectively.

Vibenomics: The Catalyst for Audio OOH Transformation

The audio OOH inventory integrated through this partnership is derived from a network created by Vibenomics, a location-based audio OOH advertising and experience company. This network encompasses over 6,000 locations spanning 49 states, with a potential reach of over 200 million people across the United States. Vibenomics has carved a niche for itself by delivering in-store experiences at grocery stores, where audio OOH has proven to be particularly effective.

Enhancing In-Store Experiences

Vibenomics’ audio OOH technology has found a welcoming home in grocery stores, enhancing the in-store experiences of shoppers. Currently, over 150 brands are leveraging this technology at Kroger and Kwik Trip locations. This innovative platform empowers advertisers to deliver targeted messages to shoppers precisely when they are in proximity to specific products within the store. The top categories harnessing the potential of this technology include consumer packaged goods, automotive, lottery, and financial services.

Interactive and Engaging

At the heart of Vibenomics’ platform is the ability to seamlessly integrate audio content with the in-store environment. Advertisers have the opportunity to play background music while providing real-time promotional messaging updates. This dynamic approach not only captures the attention of shoppers but also drives sales by creating a more interactive and engaging shopping atmosphere.

The Digital Transformation of Out-of-Home Advertising

Hearing promotional messages while grocery shopping is not a novel concept. However, what sets this technology apart is its transformative potential in the out-of-home (OOH) advertising space. Digital transformation in the OOH realm centers around providing advertisers with seamless access to reach their target audience effectively. It’s about ensuring that the right message reaches the right people in the right context.

Omnichannel DSPs like The Trade Desk play a pivotal role in this transformation. By integrating with Vistar Media’s audio OOH inventory, The Trade Desk enables brands and agencies to execute campaigns that seamlessly combine various channels. For instance, advertisers can synchronize their messaging across different touchpoints such as bus shelters at street level and screens or audio in-store. This comprehensive approach ensures that brands are aligning themselves with the customer journey, effectively moving down-funnel alongside their target audience.

In Closing

The integration of audio out-of-home advertising into the programmatic landscape marks a significant milestone for the advertising industry. The Trade Desk’s partnership with Vistar Media showcases a commitment to innovation and meeting consumers where they are. By embracing audio OOH, brands and agencies can unlock new opportunities for engagement and deliver more personalized and contextual messaging. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, embracing emerging channels like audio OOH is essential for those seeking to remain at the forefront of digital advertising innovation.