Google Cloud and Replit Partner to Compete With GitHub

Google has teamed up with Replit, an AI-focused startup, to improve its competitiveness with GitHub in the field of software development. GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, benefits from the company’s significant investment in AI, and Google has decided to close the gap by partnering with Replit, which specializes in collaborative software development using AI.

The CEO and Head of Engineering at Replit, Amjad Masad, expressed excitement about the partnership with Google Cloud, stating that it represents a clear step towards Replit’s mission of bringing the next billion software creators online. He added that the use of AI has forever changed software development, and that Replit’s seamless idea-to-deployed software experience will continue to set a new bar for software creation.

June Yang, VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud, emphasized the benefits that generative AI can bring to businesses and developers, including the ability to create new software applications and online experiences with little or no coding experience. She added that Google Cloud’s infrastructure and foundation models in Vertex AI will power Replit’s platform, providing more performance and scalability to millions of developers worldwide.

Replit is already one of the fastest-growing developer platforms, with over 20 million developers using its products. The partnership with Google Cloud means that Replit developers will be able to access the power of Google Cloud in addition to Replit Ghostwriter. Replit’s cloud infrastructure and AI products, such as Ghostwriter, make it one of the quickest ways to go from idea to deployed software application.

By partnering with Google Cloud, developers using Replit will have global access to Google Cloud infrastructure and Google’s foundation models on Vertex AI. The collaboration aims to support Google Cloud’s goal of enabling companies to accelerate their development process using AI.