France Poised for Antitrust Action Against Apple

France’s antitrust watchdog, the French Competition Authority, is reportedly investigating Apple’s app tracking policies, potentially resulting in antitrust action against the tech giant. The investigation follows Apple’s controversial move to limit how third-party companies track users, which has seen the company reap significant benefits.

Although Apple customers have welcomed the change, Apple’s competitors have criticized the company for not holding itself to the same standards it imposes on others. Independent reports have confirmed that Apple is the biggest beneficiary of its new policy.

Sources suggest that France is likely to take action against Apple, which could lead to the country’s first antitrust action against Apple over its ad tracking privacy rules. Regulators are reportedly favoring a “Statement of Objections” to the parties involved, signaling to groups that filed initial complaints about Apple’s actions and Apple that the authority has found evidence of illegal anticompetitive behavior in its review of the complaints.

France has previously fined Apple $8.5 million for collecting iPhone user data without consent and then using that data for targeted advertising. The country’s National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) also found that Apple made it difficult for users to opt out of data collection, limiting their ability to avoid targeted ads.

The investigation suggests that France is willing to take on one of the world’s biggest companies and hold it accountable for its pro-privacy claims. If the French Competition Authority decides to take legal action against Apple, it could be a significant blow to the company, especially in light of recent antitrust cases against other tech giants.