‘Credible’: Judge rules in favor of victim who accused ex-NBA player Kenyon Glover of assault

A California judge recently delivered a significant ruling in the Kenyon Glover lawsuit, favoring the victim in a case that revolved around an attack on a woman who sought Glover’s guidance as a spiritual advisor. The hearing took place in Los Angeles County Superior Court, with the defendant being Kenyon Demorio Glover, a former minister hailing from the Dallas area. Judge Honorable Alfred Coletta, a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, presided over the case.

During the proceedings, Glover, aged 45, displayed signs of anger and frustration, which were duly recorded in Los Angeles court records. The victim, who testified during the hearing, expressed her concerns about Glover’s temper, stating, “It’s that temper right there. I know he can be a bully, and it’s deeply concerning to me.”

Furthermore, the victim characterized Glover as a dangerous personality, labeling him as a “narcissistic sociopath.” She went on to elaborate, testifying that “he’s a very scary and dangerous person, and I’ve seen firsthand now behind the scenes.”

In addition to these claims, the victim accused Glover of gaslighting her. She revealed in her testimony that Glover “did a lot of stuff to scare me, to intimidate me, and it was to provoke fear in me.”

Moreover, the victim asserted that the assault was a “premeditated experience,” painting Glover as a “predator” in her eyes. Glover, during court testimony, admitted to possessing a handgun and handling it in the victim’s presence before the assault.

Shockingly, Glover also confessed to nearly killing another person in the past. According to the victim’s testimony, Glover stated on the day of the assault, “I almost killed a man. I got off because it was self-defense, but I almost killed him.”

The court hearing uncovered Glover’s extensive history of domestic violence, including previous assaults on his ex-wife. Prior to this incident, Glover had been arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Judge Coletta, after evaluating Glover’s actions and the evidence presented, found the victim’s testimony to be credible and acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. He declared, “The court takes notice of the evidence presented as clear and convincing,” before granting a restraining order to protect the victim.

The restraining order prohibits Glover from making any form of contact with the victim, directly or indirectly, to ensure her safety. This includes restrictions on stalking, as well as any attempts to jeopardize her personal security.

The judge emphasized these restrictions, stating, “He is not to contact you by email, text messages, or other social media or electronic means, devices, or in writing personally.” Glover was also ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the victim in public, at her home, her vehicle, and her workplace.

Additionally, the court denied Glover’s right to carry a concealed weapon and issued a ban on his ownership, possession, or acquisition of guns, other firearms, or ammunition. The judge underlined that Glover is prohibited from harassing, intimidating, threatening, stalking, assaulting, hitting, abusing, or disrupting the safety and peace of the victim.

In his concluding remarks, Judge Coletta expressed his belief that the event in question involved Glover exceeding what he considered acceptable behavior, leading to the ruling.

It is important to note that Kenyon Glover, formerly a professional basketball player in the NBA and later an actor-filmmaker and motivational speaker, currently works as a fitness trainer in Texas. Court records indicate that Glover was served with the restraining order at PickUp USA Fitness in Coppell, Texas, by the Dallas County Constable’s Office.