Concerned for Humanity or Looking for an Edge? Elon Musk Doubles Down on AI.

The article discusses Elon Musk’s recent call for companies to pause large-scale AI experimentation until the necessary safeguards are agreed upon. However, the article suggests that Musk may have an ulterior motive for his stance, with reports suggesting that Twitter has purchased around 10,000 GPUs to build a large-scale AI model. Musk’s interest in building a competitor to ChatGPT has also been reported, with the executive hiring AI engineers to achieve that goal.

The article notes that Twitter has a significant advantage when it comes to creating an AI, given its vast amounts of data to use for training. Interestingly, OpenAI used Twitter data to help train ChatGPT before Musk shut down the arrangement in December.

The author questions Musk’s motives and reasons for wanting a ChatGPT competitor, speculating that it could be to improve Twitter’s advertising or search features. Moreover, the article questions whether Musk’s concerns about AI development are sincere or whether he was merely joining the chorus of calls for a pause in an effort to buy his company time to catch up.

Overall, the article suggests that Musk’s call for a pause in AI development may be driven by his desire to compete with ChatGPT and improve Twitter’s capabilities. While Musk’s motivations for his stance on AI development remain unclear, the article highlights the significant role that Twitter and other companies are playing in advancing the field of AI.