China Unveils Rules to Govern AI Development

China has taken the lead in regulating the development of artificial intelligence (AI) by unveiling new guidelines for companies to follow. The rapid pace of AI development has raised concerns among experts, with many calling for a pause on major experiments until guidelines can be established to ensure safe development. Although the Biden administration has released a non-binding AI Bill of Rights blueprint, China’s Cyberspace Administration has already released draft rules to govern AI development.

Under the new rules, companies are expected to ensure that the data used to train their AI models do not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, gender, or ethnicity. Companies will also be responsible for the legitimacy of the data used to train the algorithm.

While China may have been the first country to release such guidelines, it is likely that other countries will soon follow suit by implementing their own guidelines for the development of AI. The rapid pace of AI development and its potential impact on society make it imperative for guidelines to be established to ensure the ethical and responsible use of this technology. As such, it is important for governments and industry leaders to work together to develop clear and effective guidelines that can help ensure the safe and responsible development of AI.