Bill Gates: ‘The Age of AI Has begun’

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has recently shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence (AI), calling it a “revolutionary” technology. Gates, who is highly respected in the tech industry for his role in creating and leading one of the most influential software companies in history, recounted two encounters with technology that left a lasting impression. The first was being introduced to a graphical user interface in 1980, and the second was an OpenAI demonstration last year.

Gates has been meeting with the team from OpenAI since 2016, and in mid-2022, he challenged them to train an AI to pass an Advanced Placement biology exam. He thought it would take years to complete, but the team called him back in just a few months to demonstrate their progress. Gates was stunned to watch as their AI model, GPT, answered 59 out of 60 multiple-choice questions from the exam and wrote outstanding answers to six open-ended questions, earning a 5, the highest possible score, on the test. He also asked it a non-scientific question, “What do you say to a father with a sick child?”, and was impressed by the thoughtful answer it provided.

Gates goes on to discuss in detail the possibilities for AI to revolutionize various industries, highlighting its potential to make significant contributions to humanity. However, he stresses the importance of establishing rules to ensure that any downsides of AI are outweighed by its benefits, and everyone can enjoy those benefits, regardless of where they live or how much money they have.

In summary, Gates’ essay provides a fascinating insight into his views on AI and its potential to change the world. Anyone interested in the topic should consider reading it.